BCA offers a complete range of industrial consulting services relating to microbial contamination control in the metalworking, fuel, petroleum production and water treatment (heat exchange) industries.

Antimicrobial Pesticide Selection

BCA will help you to determine the products, dosages and treatment intervals that will give you cost-effective microbial contamination control.

Biocide Market Opportunity Analysis

Microbicide manufacturers and formulators can depend on BCA for thorough and cogent market opportunity assessments. Opportunity assessments include: estimation of addressable market size, review of competitive environment, assessment of unmet market needs, barriers to entry and synergistic market channel strategies.

Condition Monitoring

BCA provides turn-key condition monitoring implementation services to: identify relevant parameters, develop control limits, define action plans, provide protocols for sampling and running tests, refine condition monitoring programs based on data trends. BCA provides training and education to clients implementing condition monitoring for biodeterioration control.

Cost-Impact Studies

Given the relatively recent emphasis on value-added costs versus non-value added costs, the economic impact of uncontrolled microbial contamination is not always apparent. BCA will work with you to design programs for identifying and quantifying cost-elements contributed by microbial contamination. As data are developed, BCA will identify cost-reduction measures; developing written recommendations which identify the cost-benefits associated with the proposed corrective measures.

Diagnosis (Microbiological Audit)

The microbiological audit is the first step in determining whether a problem exists, and how to combat it. The audit includes on-site examination of all process-fluid system components. Samples drawn from critical locations within and around the system are analyzed for evidence of microbes and microbial activity. If necessary, samples are forwarded to the laboratory for follow-up analysis. A preliminary, oral report is given on-site. A written report, which includes complete data tables, a narrative summary of the audit, an interpretive discussion of the data and recommendations is prepared shortly after the site-visit and associated follow-up testing is completed. To learn more about our microbiological audits, click here.

Expert Witness Services

BCA offers expertise in industrial process system biodeterioration, microbially influenced corrosion and health effects of exposure to bioaerosols in the industrial environment.

Fuel Treatment Contractor Services

If you have significant microbial contamination in a fuel storage/distribution system, the corrective actions may be beyond the scope of your in-house capabilities. Through its close working relationships with analytical, chemical, engineering and service companies, BCA will ensure that timely, cost-effective services are performed by nationally recognized professionals. Depending on your needs and preferences, BCA can act as the primary contractor or provide referral services. Either way, BCA will work with you to ensure that your microbial contamination problems are solved.

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