Microbial Testing Services and Audits

Microbial audits identify the adverse effects of uncontrolled microbial contamination (contamination that increases your plant-operation costs). The audits also provide recommendations for reducing the cost-impact of uncontrolled microbial growth. These recommendations lead to cost-savings through:

  • reduced maintenance-related down-time
  • reduced waste-stream and associated waste-treatment costs
  • reduced cost-impact due to biodeterioration of process fluid(s)

Additional benefits derived from the audit are:

  • healthier work-environment due to reduced microbial loads in air
  • plant personnel trained to identify and control contamination before it affects process performance
  • plant managers receive unbiased advice
  • contamination control procedures are tested on-site to ensure performance

Microbiological Audit Elements:

Site Visit Preparation

Before BCA arrives on-site, we provide our client with a diagnostic questionnaire and the client provides their responses. This information exchange establishes a benchmark of current knowledge and perception about microbial contamination and the factors that can contribute to uncontrolled contamination.

Site Examination

The site examination is designed to identify all of the factors contributing to microbial contamination. First, the system is examined visually, with samples being taken from selected locations. Samples are selected based on the likelihood that they will have high microbial loads.

On-Site Testing

A series of rapid field-tests is run in order to determine the nature and magnitude of the contamination problem and assignable causes for any microbial contamination problems detected.

BCA’s field scientist will work with plant personnel to complete these physical, chemical and microbiological tests. If significant contamination is found, on-site biocide screening test are performed. If necessary, samples are forwarded to the laboratory for additional testing.


Plant personnel responsible for microbial contamination control are taught simple physical, chemical and microbiological tests for recognizing early stages of contamination. Personnel responsible for selecting biocides will be trained in the technical considerations for biocide choice.


After the on-site examination and testing effort has been completed, observations, test results and preliminary recommendations will be presented as part of a microbial contamination control seminar. Assignable causes including system-design problems, employee awareness issues and point-sources of microbial contamination will be discussed. Recommendations for corrective and preventive action will be offered.


A final report detailing the findings and recommendations will be sent to the audit’s sponsor.

Scheduling and Audit

As each system is unique, microbiological audits may take from 1/2 day to three days to complete. Charges for microbiological audits are in accordance with BCA’s standard fee schedule. Cost estimates are made at the time of the audit request, and can be faxed to your plant within an hour after audit requests are received.

Emergency audits can be scheduled for the day following your request. A retainer check, for 50% of the estimated total cost, made payable to BCA, Inc, is due when the audit begins. The balance is payable upon receipt of the final report.

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