On 29 July 2020, Drs. Neil Canter, John Howell, and I, and Mr. Bill Woods presented an STLE webinar panel discussion about reducing COVID-19 risk in the metalworking workplace environment. You can access the webinar at: https://www.stle.org/files/TLTArchives/2020/10_October/Webinars.aspx?WebsiteKey=a70334df-8659-42fd-a3bd-be406b5b83e5.

Last week Ms. Vicky Villena-Denton, Editor-in-Chief at F & L Asia, Ltd., interviewed me as episode six of the F + L Webcast series. During the interview, Vicky and I discussed COVID-19 epidemiology and risk mitigation – particularly as it pertains to the petroleum sector. I invite you to listing to the webcast at https://anchor.fm/fuelsandlubes/episodes/Episode-6—Fred-Passman-discusses-how-to-minimise-risks-from-Covid-19-exposure-in-the-industrial-workplace-ekfsd8 and look forward to receiving your comments and questions about the conversation.

As always, you can reach me at fredp@biodeterioration-control.com.