If you will be attending the STLE Annual Meeting on 15 through 19 May 2016, be sure to join me at the Metalworking Fluids Technical Session III, in the Silver Room, Bally’s Las Vegas, NV. At 0830h, on Tuesday 17 May, I’ll be presenting my paper: “Adenosine Triphosphate Testing to Evaluate Biofilm Dispersants.” The paper discusses the use of LuminUltra Technologies Limited’s QGO-M and DSA test methods to compare the efficacy of a number of different formulations for removing biofilm from pipe surfaces without being biocidal. As regulators increasingly restrict the use of MWF microbicides, it is becoming increasingly important to develop non-biocidal biodeterioration prevention strategies. My STLE presentation will speak directly to this issue. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. Please contact me directly (see “REQUEST INFORMATION” on BCA’s home page) if you would like to schedule a conversation during the STLE Annual Meeting.