STLE Recording of Real-time Testing of Bioburdens in Metalworking Fluids Using Adenosine Triphosphate as a Biomass Indicator.

A webinar recording of the Wilbur C. Deutsch Memorial Award winning paper that Fred Passman presented at STLE’s annual meeting is now available for viewing…

This webinar discusses the comprehensive process by which the test method that was ultimately developed into ASTM E2694 was vetted in the laboratory and in a 12-week field evaluation at Caterpillar, East Peoria, IL.

12th International Conference on the Stability and Handling of Liquid Fuels

Now available: Can Non-Chemical Antimicrobial Devices Replace or Augment Fuel-Treatment Microbicides – Presented at 12th Intl. Conf on Stability & Handling of Liquid Fuels, 16-20 October 2011, Starasota FL. Fred Passman and his co-authors Gerry Munson and Robert Kauffman evaluate alternative non-chemical technologies; evaluating them for their ability to inhibit microbial growth & proliferation in fuels and fuel systems

ASTM D 7464 Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Liquid Fuels, Associated Materials and Fuel System Components for Microbiological Testing

Not exactly breaking news, but the publication of D7464 in the ASTM Annual Book of Standards hasn’t been mentioned in earlier What’s New postings. Initially intended to be a few paragraphs inserted into the existing standard – D4057 Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products – D7464 provides a comprehensive set of instructions for collecting and handling fuel and fuel system sample when those samples will be tested for microbial contamination. Read more…

Links to Passman Webinars and Podcasts!

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